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ITunes Tagging

How many times have you heard a song on the radio when you are listening to your phone on the bus or are sitting behind your laptop with the radio on in the background and wished you could bookmark the song so you don’t have to scramble for a pen and paper to jot down the song details?  Sound familiar?

With Bauer Media enabling consumers to tag music items from a selection of their radio stations (Kiss, Magic) to be bookmarked for downloading  by the listeners at a later date has opened an alternative platform for consumer consumption.

This is an innovative idea as it is based around the targets current behavioural habits and generates an alternative solution based around existing behavioural patterns.

As the function adds a dimension of greater convenience, above that of the current behaviour, should help to aid with the diffusion and rate of adoption of the platform as the consumer does not have to drastically change their lifestyle habits or learn too many further skills.

There is already functions on DAB radio that list song information. However, the intergration of bookmarking, downloading and synchronizing the process offers a differentiating beneficial factor to the target through convergence of the holistic downloading and search process.

What will be interesting to monitor is the comparison of bookmarking to whether consumers continue to the next stage of downloading products or if it is just a matter of ‘wish list’ compilation like Amazon Wish Lists, to where products are only desired but not purchased. So does this concept work as a business model or just a facilitator for the concept of audience play?

Secondly, the intergration of the technology into more media touchpoint areas of consumer markets. An example would be the car, as there is a massive potential commuter market that as data and research indicates to us are high radio listeners. Could the bookmarking technology be linked up to the new car DAB radios with buttons on the steering wheel to bookmark your favourite tracks.

 Or alternatively, integrate an Application into the Smartphone technology so consumers can not only listen to the music on their Iphone via radio features, but can bookmark it, purchase it (using internet functions) and then replay it (using music players). This would create complete brand synergy and integration as consumers could use many aspects of the Apple brand portfolio to achieve a desired outcome… Download a track that they heard on the radio.


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